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Hello! I'm Konrad. I love web design. I'm glad you came here.

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I'm web designer, SEO optimizer, graphic designer and webmaster. Does your company need a promotion on the internet? Good to hear!

A piece of me

Web designer who is not of this earth (I mean from Wroclaw).

In the private sphere, I am reliable man, who care about the semantics of words, striving to build valuable relationships with other people. In the sphere of business I always adheres to the principle – “The customer is always right (if he is)”.

I serve each interesante individually and comprehensively, taking care mainly about issues concerning the realization of its vision. I do my best to understand the customer and strive for our common vision of the final result of my work. I hone their empathy by adjusting my emotions to the character of each client.

In this business I have been working for over four years constantly acting as a freelancer – web designer / web developer / graphic / video producer“all in one”. Experience has shown me that in the case of freelancers expand in many directions at once, to be able to carry out complex projects for challenging customers.

I am conservative a supporter of capitalism, the free market and the free will of the individual in decision-making. The views of this type gained the largely out of the house, and then clarified it thanks to the experience and knowledge.

I love Wroclaw, my beautiful homeland Poland and cultural heritage in architecture, art and history of Lower Silesia over the last millennium.

My tools

Independent web designer really needs to be polymath in the field of marketing.

The world is constantly upgrading technology web design. In order to design an optimal web pages, every web designer must keep abreast of the trends and improvements offered in more and more modern solutions programming. Below I’ll show you I used technologies, programs and other aids to speed up the implementation of the target demanding jobs on websites and visual identification.

Graphic software

Offered by Adobe programs such as Photoshop or Illustrator allow professional processing of images, and among other things, create your own modern graphics to decorate the page. There is also the whole gamma applications for phenomenal processing and editing videos, creating graphics creation, full web pages, or even animations.



Content Management Systems

To create Web sites I use content management systems such as - Wordpress or Drupal. Thanks to a very large number of users, these systems have become extremely intuitive, trouble-free and developed in terms of capacity. In addition, the use of this software allows me to easily teach you to edit the content on the page. You will save a lot of time and money.



Responsive web design

I build websites in responsive web design, this means that they are displayed as well on a computer, smartphone, or tablet. The recipe for these properties is skillful use of HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and Bootstrap. In the era of pervasive mobile devices is almost a "must have" any company that cares about its customers.

In addition, giant - Google search engine takes into account this factor already for a long time.


SEO Optimizer.exe

Business card that looks great graphically, and at the same time is enriched with great content is only half of the real success. Your company will also have to ingratiate uncle Google. The final step in the implementation of the project is to bring all your website to the requirements of search engines.

Optimizing a website will allow her to reach peaks in Google results for selected keywords. Remember to SEO is the key, and at the same time the door to real success.



Shirts, leaflets, business cards, billboards, socks etc.

People love to pre-acquainted with the offer of the company by reading the leaflets, information from a poster or billboard. With its unique graphic creation, tailored to your company's image you can get many more customers distributing the advertising materials.

Traditional marketing will always be worth a look.

Młotek i klucz


Your perfect shop online - eCommerce

Ever thought about selling your products or services online? With the appropriate use of available marketing tools is almost compulsory part of the modern enterprise. Well prepared and skillfully conducted online store allows you to increase revenues by an average of 120%.

Many economists firmly believes that modern e-boutiques will soon completely exclude stationary shops from the market, pushing them to the role of the magazine.



My portfolio

Take a look at my previous projects.

Below, you can review some of my designed web pages, creation of graphics, visual identification and other projects.

Wroclaw is a mass of opportunities, I try as best I can to use them.

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We are happy to answer questions and listen to suggestions.

Write me if you are interested in the services I offer. Try to include in the news all the details that will help us further contact and negotiations.

For example – completion date, the project budget, whether you’re from Wroclaw, or not etc. I adapt to individual customer requirements. I am a web designer, who for any company, foundation or community will try to find the optimal solution.

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